Casting & Forging Equipment

Increase productivity with Henkel equipment
Henkel’s die casting and forging equipment reduces cycle time and allows for optimum utilization of lubricants. This coupling of application technology and lubricant technology has proven to be very beneficial to our customers in driving down overall operating costs. Henkel offers integrated equipment solutions for every need. Our line of integrated equipment solutions features:

  • Simple refractometers to online auto-titrators
  • pH monitoring to whole system data acquisition
  • Proportioners and oil-removal devices

Our mixing and diluting systems ensure a smooth and constant stream of lubricant/water mixture without any interruption of the forging production.

Spray nozzles are a crucial component in any integrated spray systems approach to delivering best quality forgings or castings in the shortest possible cycle time. Henkel’s Deltaforge nozzles incorporated into the Deltaforge DMT system use similar control technology coupled with innovative material and spray pattern design, to allow for minimal graphite build-up on the nozzle and spraytool.

Henkel’s casting solutions include a full range of custom designed vacuum impregnation process equipment, a variety of sealant products and comprehensive technical support. Applications include:

  • Fluid sealing
  • Finishing operation
  • Rust Preventive
  • Planting
  • Machining optimization

Our Acheson DAG automatic die spray systems reduce operating expenses and increase line speed. These modern delivery systems are computer-controlled and electronically interfaced to provide automatic lubrication and, in many cases, part removal. Together, that means increased profits and a safer, more efficient factory floor.

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