Energy Storage

Conductive coatings for energy storage and generation devices
Henkel provides a wide range of conductive coatings for energy storage and generation devices used in automobiles, airplanes, televisions, computers and almost every type of equipment that employs electrical or electronic components.

Primary and secondary batteries
For alkaline, lithium, lithium-ion or lithium-ion polymer batteries, Henkel has advanced conductive coatings to suit every application and to exceed performance expectations.

Years of experience have made Henkel an industry leader in conductive coating technology. We developed anti-corrosion cathode can coatings, highly conductive foil primer coatings and other solutions that help battery devices achieve optimal performance.

Advanced energy devices
Henkel scientists have created efficient conductive coatings for such advanced energy devices as:

  • Supercapacitors
  • PEM-Fuel cells
  • Solar cells
  • Zinc-air batteries

Customized solutions available
Contact a Henkel representative if you require a customized solution. We can deliver a unique coating to fit your specific needs.

Advanced Energy Devices
Sophisticated conductive coatings, developed by Henkel specifically for advanced energy devices and applications, can improve both performance and longevity.


Primary & Secondary Batteries
The Henkel line of advanced conductive coatings plays a vital role in helping primary and secondary batteries achieve optimal performance.


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